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(Aug 30, 2017)
Hello guys.Did you check Destiny 2 and will someone play in this game on pc?
(Aug 26, 2017)
New CPU + MB + RAM, see you guys in the verse
(Feb 28, 2017)
testing my new videocard,if fps will be at least 40 in SC then i'll play in sc.
(Oct 21, 2016)
It just takes me to the discord download page
(Oct 21, 2016)
its on the menu to the left of the site...
(Oct 21, 2016)
For some reason i can't find the Discord group, could somone send me the invite link?
(Oct 18, 2016)
Thanks for the msgs!
(Oct 17, 2016)
I may be a tad late but happy birthday PJ!
(Oct 16, 2016)
Eyy, it's PJ's birthday? Happy bday, P3jota. Or, 'cos I'm a bit late... I hope you *had* a happy birthday.
(Oct 15, 2016)
Happy birthday PJ have good one m8
(Oct 09, 2016)
So guys it's the big Citizencon presentation at 10pm GMT/UTC tonight should be some great stuff shown and hopefully we have date for the Squadron 42 release. All aboard the hype train choo choo :-)
(Oct 07, 2016)
See you in the verse Flapjack... Good Hunting!
(Oct 04, 2016)
Alright guys... after so much inactivity, and since i have no time to play anything anymore, i'm going to quit D.o.W. I will be carrying the D.o.W tag on steam so anyone that wants to friend me can. if not, cheers and goodbye :)
(Oct 01, 2016)
The best, why do you have to pop that question in shoutbox... OFC is the 350R
(Sep 30, 2016)
yummy they will probably be a free fly week for citizen con starting 9th of October have test then m8 see if you like the game.
(Sep 30, 2016)
Speaking of Star Citizen what would be the best ship/game package to go with?
(Sep 26, 2016)
Oh crap, nothing is easy, theres no support for windows 8...
(Sep 17, 2016)
oh nice one PJ I have just got the RX 480 my self you will be happy with it m8.
(Sep 17, 2016)
Im waiting for my new Rx 480 to arrive at the end of september... i hope i get decent frames rates so i can start playing again. until then GL & Hf
(Sep 04, 2016)
thesignal me & spawn are active in star citizen tho & using discord so if you have the game join us