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The Dogs of War Clan started life late 2010 in the beta of a small space combat MMO game named Black Prophecy.
We began as just some friends playing in the game together and having fun with the in game clan mechanic. Soon other players joined us and we started to explore the PvP side of the game. Slowly it became clear we were a good fighting force and more and more players were joining our ranks. So we started our first clan website and began actively recruiting as a PvP clan fighting for the Genide faction.
We became well respected by both the other Genide clans & the enemy Tyi clans, making friends of players on both sides who we are still in contact with today.
For two years we competed in all the war zones & GM events building a strong community for our members sadly on 29th of August 2012 it was officially announced that Black Prophecy will be discontinued on 26th September 2012 due to financial issues.

The next captor in our history came when on September 10, 2012 I got an email from a member, It just read check out this page,with a link to a teaser website saying Chris Roberts was coming back to making games and that he would announce the project live October 10, 2012.

I signed up to the teaser website and waited hoped for a space sim game. On October 10, 2012 he did indeed reveal he was making a new space sim and asked us fans to help by Crowdfunding it on both kickstarter &

So we had hopes for a new game for the clan to play but it was years away and with Black prophecy closing down we had no place to call home,we tried several other games at this time Star Conflict,Battlestar Galactica Online,taikodom living universe to name just a few. But none of them had that spark to keep us together, so the clan site had less and less visits and our members moved on to other things.

In January 2013 I began playing a small free to play game on steam Moon Breakers [MB] here was a game with a strong community,fun skill based gameplay. I sent out messages to the members I could find asking them to join the game some did. I began recruiting new members from the MB community into a small squadron. June 2013 I opened this site unfortunately only 3 original members were still with me and 8 or so from MB, we had our work cut out to rebuild The clan. The squadron had an idea to grow and work towards becoming a true clan ready for Star Citizen which released its first module the Hangar in August 2013.

We continued to grow in the MB community forming a reputation as skilled fighters we also made friends with the other squadrons of the game. But in November the developers stopped updating the game so interest was fading. With this in mind we again begin looking to other games.

So with the our outlook in MB doubtful some of our members had started to play Star Conflict [SCon] once again. The game had moved on from the low content beta of a year before. So many of our core players opened accounts and in December 2013 I formed an in game Corporation.The plan was to use SCon to improve our team play and recruit more space sim fans as members. We continue to play SCon though with the release of the second module of Star Citizen Arena Commander, Many of our core players now focus on Star Citizen.